Cosmetics and Tanning After a Face Lift

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Can I wear makeup or go tanning after a facelift?

Cosmetics and Tanning After a Face Lift

Now that your face puts the best face forward, you want to show it off with a brilliant makeup job and tan. While you can apply makeup one to two weeks post-facelift surgery, sun exposure isn't recommended. The scarring may be discolored anyway, so you might actually want to apply creams that lighten your scars.

If you're African-American and have beautiful golden color anyway, your scarring may be darker than your normal skin, and topical creams or skin resurfacing after a facelift or mini face lift can help. As with most swelling from surgery, ice and elevation are recommended over cosmetics. Spray tanning isn't. Wait a month, or six just to be safe. Yes, you're beautiful, yes, you're fabulous, and you want to keep it that way. Don't try to improve yourself all at once--savor the changes as they happen.



4/10/2008 6:19:25 AM
Stella said:

My surgeon said that putting ice post face-lift is not a good idea becuse it can constrict the blood vessels and you need good blood flow to heal the newly injured tissue.


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