Thread Lift Risks

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What are the risks of a thread lift?

Thread Lift Risks

If you thrive on risk and were disappointed that your thread lift is a bit too tame, read this while you're waiting to sky dive. Just because you're not going under the knife doesn't mean your thread face lift is without risk. All surgical procedures, from a breast reduction to a facelift, involve risk. Some risks specific to the thread face lift include:

  • Threads popping out of the skin as you're parachuting (not recommended post-surgery, by the way)
  • Thread lift not working because you're smiling too much or talking too much, or screaming on roller coasters
  • Cheeks dislodged because you just had to go on WWE Nitro
  • Sleeping on your side in base camp on Everest
  • Infection, which all needles involve (your adventurous nature doesn't involve heroin, we hope)
  • Rejection--it happens, you might change your mind last-minute about bungee-jumping

Don't engage in any risky activities post-facelift surgery, or the chance you're taking with your wallet will be too great. You have too many adventures left to waste time redoing your thread lift. The good news: Thread lifts stimulate the growth of collagen, which makes your face looks healthier. That's a risk worth taking.



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