The Male Face Lift

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Are men candidates for face lifts?

The Male Face Lift

Note to grandchildren: Your grandpop might look younger than you are. Or while you're having a weekend facelift, you might find yourself in the waiting room with your granddad. A Sunday Times article in the UK revealed that men of the grey or Greatest Generation have discovered that sixty is the new thirty, and middle age can extend to people in their eighties.

Male execs hitting sixty finally feel what women have experienced in the workplace for decades. That includes top Hollywood moguls--though they can still get away with being old and crotchety, while all women have to do is sport a wrinkle to be passed over. But men aren't taking any chances, and facelift surgery is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men. A few pointers before your granddad goes under the knife or laser:

  • Anesthetic may still be a problem, even if your granddad can bench 220 easily.
  • Your granddad needs to be healthy, not hanging around the house watching TV.
  • Men are more prone to jowls and double chins than women. A neck lift may also be necessary.
  • If Grandpa has deep wrinkles, a facelift may not eliminate them all--they're from his kids and the war, all those life experiences!
  • Fine to moderate wrinkles can be eliminated with laser resurfacing.
  • Glycolic peels and other skin procedures can improve the skin condition.
  • If grandpa has age and sun spots (and if you do too), check to see if the surgeon can eliminate them after facelift surgery so that you get the total youthful effect. It's disturbing to have a grandpa who looks as young as you do, but hey, it runs in the family!



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