Getting Cheeky with Mid Lifts

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My cheeks droop and sag, should I have liposuction?

Getting Cheeky with Mid Lifts

Your mother told you not to get too cheeky, but to turn the other cheek. The problem is, you can't get cheeky with droopy saggy flesh, and if someone tried to smite you in the cheek he'd get whiplash. You wonder if you should have liposuction. While facial liposuction can remove deposits of fat, your skin is the main problem. Sun, not enough liquids (doesn't everyone sell bottled water now?), and just plain gravity contribute to drooping.

A mid facelift or mini face lift is ideal for cheek problems. While some people opt for cheek implants, the risk is the same as breast implants. Many surgeons find mid facelift surgery more effective. Small endoscopic incisions cause less discomfort, pain and scarring. Sutures secure essential fat (yes, it does exist) to the skin. Some surgeons claim that the mini face lift doesn't have any effect on your cheeks, jowls or neck.

Consult with several surgeons and ask to see before and after pictures--the "dramatic" results you've been promised might not actually be that miraculous. But many board certified plastic surgeons do espouse the mini face lift. You may experience some numbness and facial weakness, but you'll look and feel better. Besides, all that trying to be polite and turning the other cheek has made your face tired, so a mini face lift will refresh you.



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