Eye-Opening Face Lifts

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Is belphoaroplasty a good fit with a face lift?

Eye-Opening Face Lifts

Your eyes bug out, they pop, and you notice that other people are doing the Jim Carrey/Tex Avery (animation) eye-popping effect too. Could it be because you just had a face lift and eye lift too? Surgeons like Dr. Craig Ball in Palm Desert, California and Dr. David Broadway in Denver-Boulder, Colorado, frequently perform eye lifts, or belpharoplasty, and facelift surgery together. An eye lift can restore that wide-eyed youthful look or simply redistribute the fat so that your eyelid isn't droopy and your eyes aren't hollow.

Note that this can extend your surgery time if you're having a facelift, but it's no use investing money in a thread lift or mini face lift if your eyes don't look right (pun intended.) Eye lift surgery is usually done during facelift surgery to reduce droopy skin on the lids or under the eyes. At the same time, your surgeon will reduce droopy cheeks and eliminate jowls.

Consult with your surgeon about the recovery time. It's usually minimal for a facelift with bandages and sutures removed after 5-7 days, but you may want to take extra care following a combined procedure. Eye lift surgery recovery takes weeks or months, except for laser blepharoplasty. You won't be able to get your face wet or in the sun after your procedures, so take care. However, when you're at the beach after the bandages are off and you're healed, beware of eyes popping and jaws dropping.



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