Mini Tummy Tucks, Small Procedure?

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What's involved in a mini tummy tuck?

Mini Tummy Tucks, Small Procedure?

Mini tummy tuck. We have mini-malls, mini-Oreos, mini-everything. While America in particular gets fatter, life gets smaller, and sometimes not as satisfying, unless you've just bought the new Nano iPod phone. A mini tummy tuck means you're not getting the full tummy tuck, right? Wrong. Sometimes women, and in particular men, need just to take care of those lower abs, without having the full workup that involves repositioning the navel (!) As with the full abdominoplasty, a mini tummy tuck involves surgical incisions, but just on the lower abs. You're removing several cans from a six-pack, to use a male analogy.

If you're an older patient with excess skin, you can benefit from a mini tummy tuck that shrinks the skin. Scars are smaller, although the normal abdominoplasty scars can be covered by mini-skirts, bikinis, Speedos, and the like. Note that you may still have not so mini-complications such as necrosis or skin death from a mini tummy tuck. You may lose circulation when your surgeon separates fat from the inner girdle, which needs to be tightened a little or a lot, depending on the abdominoplasty.

Poor circulation may kill the tissue, but a skilled surgeon will minimize your chaces of having a not-so-mini side effect. Also, a mini tummy tuck takes one to two hours as oppsoed to three to five, a big plus when you're in your golden years and impatient not to waste time. So get that mini tummy tuck and hang around the galleria with your Nano and miniskirt. Or if you're an older dude, ditch the baggy pants for...well, not a miniskirt, but something your children, carrying their miniature poodles or chihuahuas, can appreciate.



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