Plastic Surgeon Checklist

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What questions should I ask a cosmetic surgeon?

Plastic Surgeon Checklist

The doctor has just asked you so many questions you feel like you did on that first date when your girlfriend's parents grilled you about your grades, your younger bro who had that stinkbomb incident in school, your college plans and even your shoe size. Unlike that first-date interview, you can actually turn the question tables on your plastic surgeon. Some questions to ask:

  1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  2. What other certifications do you have--American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, American Board of Otolaryngology, and so forth?
  3. Do you have hospital privileges in an accredited board-approved hospital to perform this surgery?
  4. Is your office accredited if you perform my surgery there?
  5. Do you have training in new surgical techniques?
  6. Do you serve on the board of any professional associations in your field?
  7. What awards have you won?
  8. How many gynecomastia surgeries, tummy tucks, etc, have you performed?
  9. What complications have arisen from these surgeries? What are the risks involved?
  10. May I see before and after photos?
  11. What is the expected recovery time and will my activities be restricted before and after surgery?
  12. Will my surgery require a hospital stay?
  13. What is your policy if I need corrections and what are the costs?
  14. How much does the procedure cost and do you offer financing?
  15. Can I tour the facility where my procedure will be performed?

If you are considering more than one cosmetic surgeon, ask these questions of every prospective candidate. Relax. You're married to your first date, thirty years later, so this grilling session will turn out just fine.



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